And there’s also a few things to do on thepark itself too.

This is Crantock Beach’s adventure playground or you can explore the nature trail and checkout some of the local Cornish wildlife … and I’ve heard to can see Grey seals on theheadland rocks over there plus occasional sightings of dolphins as well… the sea birdsaplenty, waders in the lower water … plus bunnies, foxes, shrews and hedgehogs … awww.

Now I can’t remember a time when I didn’tenjoy a bit of crazy golf … so make sure you get the whole family on the course … and there is a recreation field over therewhere the kids can let off a some steam … and when you’ve had enough of the great outdoors,you can head inside … who fancies a game of air hockey! (sequence)Hahha, I love that game.

that’s not all here…there’s push-a-pennys, driving gamesand shoot em ups.

I’m going to take care of these bad boys then I’m going to takea look at what’s happening outside the park.

After a busy day of exploring, why not headto the Wavecrest Pub for a bite to eat … you can grab a snack or a full family meal… the menu offers a little something for everyoneand all the food is freshly prepared by the Parkdean Chefs … if it’s a balmy summer evening you mightwant to take your dinner out on the veranda and watch the sun go down over the sea and then relax with a glass of vino and somelight entertainment … Crantock Beach really is a different kindof holiday park for those who want to get away and relax – don’t get me wrong, there’sadventure round every corner, but more me think the tranquil setting … and coastalwalks, that really makes this park so enjoyable … that’s without even mentioning the Familypicnic and BBQ areas.

the Ocean Diner and Take Away … the launderette and the conveniencestore … what more could you possibly want from a holidaypark?.