like this brilliant adventure playground withslide, climbing frames and an adrenaline pumping zip wire … wheeeeee! and for something a little more sedate howabout a round of golf … Adventure Golf that is! And the kids are going to enjoy this aquatasticplay area.

Now, while we can guarantee all the entertainmentyou could possibly want here at Trecco Bay, we can’t control the fickle British weather,but we can make sure you’ll be entertained no matter what the weather’s like with dancing, shooting and penny pushing inthe arcade having a smashing time on the dodgems And the younger kiddies can enjoy themselvesin Sid & Lizzie’s soft play area and splashing around in Splashland As you can see, this is no ordinary swimmingpool.

You’ve got slides, a massive water chute and a Pirate Bay Play area for TinyTerrors of the High Seas, arrrghhh! Well, after all that excitement and adventure,I’m famished, so time for a bite to eat I think.

There are loads of dining experiences hereat Trecco bay, so why not let your mood dictate your food! Feeling energetic? Then hit LegendsDiner, it’s a 50’s America experience where they do great burgers and you can finishoff with a game of bowling afterwards.

Or maybe sport is more your thing? Well, thisis the Sportsman Bar and it has a great selection of drinks, bar snacks and big screen TVs soyou can catch the latest sporting action.

There’s even a few pool tables, so you canwatch whilst you play.

And if it’s a nice day, you can come outsideand sit on the veranda.

Grabbing a quick cuppa and a cake may be allyou have time for … or perhaps you just want to chill out and shoot the breeze overa latte And, for a full family sit down meal you can’tbeat Trecco Bay’s Coast Bar & Kitchen.

It’s a great place to grab a light bite at lunchtimeor for a sit down meal in the evenings.

All of the food is freshly prepared by TreccoBay’s chefs and there’s a great selection on offer too.

You can eat inside or chill out here on theveranda as the older kids tire themselves out on the Adventure play area.

If you want more food for thought you’vegot Bay view, which is a traditional British Chippy, and prego’s that does lovely handmadepizzas.

I’ve had my dinner, so I’m off to explore the local area.