White Acres is a perfect place for anglersand families who enjoy a spot of fishing.

There are great facilities here and a choiceof stunning beaches nearby – let’s go take a look around.

This is Jennies lake and is one of the 13fishing lakes at White Acres.

Here you can catch all types of fish; carp, breen, tenchand more.

The lakes are a great place to cast your line but they also make this park reallyrelaxing and tranquil, and you don’t have to be an angler to appreciate a view likethat.

This park is one of the UKs premiere fishingdestinations, and White Acres host festivals all year round, including the famous ParkdeanMasters.

Parkdean also organize smaller weekly residentmatches for all you keen amateurs and they offer junior angling tuition.

There lakes offer a challenging angling experiencewhatever your level, and there are experts on site to offer handy hints and tips.

A well-stocked tackle shop for all your needs plus there’s the Frist Bite lakeside caféwhere you can pick up a full English breakfast, or if you’re just a little bit peckish,a drink and a snack.

This is the Galleon outdoor adventure playground,and it’s a pirates dream with rigging to climb and planks to walk.

Perfect for yourwannabe captain Jacks and Elizabeth Swans.

The tiny tots get their own play area too For kids that are bursting with energy Parkdeanhave created this, it’s the outdoor agility course to test the stamina and speed of yourlittle ones.

Of course, the British weather can sometimesthrow a spanner in the works when it comes to enjoying the outdoor fun, but don’t worrybecause Parkdean’s got the indoor fun covered too.

Mini temping bowlingo is fantastic fun forall the family, and the amusements will keep you entertained for hours And inside this lodge is a fantastic softplay area where the tiny terrors can tire themselves out.

Now, a holiday wouldn’t be a holiday withouta pool and White Acres’ indoor heated swimming pool is great for splashing around and forexercise … and there’s even a toddlers’ pool for the nippers You can relax in the spa bath, or detox inthe sauna and, if you’re not already exhausted enough,you can always hit the gym.

Right well, quite frankly, after all that,I’m famished and here at White Acres you’re pretty much spoilt for choice when it comesto food You can stick to tradition with the chippy.

Parkdean’s Catch of the Day Fish and Chip Shop And, if you fancy a quick drink in the sun,grab yourself your favourite tipple and come and wander over to the terraced area and last but not least, the pollkeris barand lounge is a great place to grab a coffee or a drink and relax with your friends inthe lounge area.