Today, we're going to use Quilted NorthernToilet Paper to make a glowing holiday village.

To begin, you'll want to cut you toilet papertubes into different heights.

This will add some variety to the homes in your holidayvillage.

Once they're cut, it is time to prepare them for wrapping.

Place stripped double sticktape around the tubes.

Roll the taped tubes onto your decorative wrapper and secure thewrapping with a final piece of tape.

Using your hole punch, make holes around the tube.

Then, place your battery-powered tea light inside.

To make your roof tops and festivetrees, roll pieces of paper into cones and secure them with a piece of double stick tape.

Place the rooftops onto the houses to finish off your holiday village.

Thanks for watching!Warm holiday wishes to you and yours from the folks at Quilted Northern Toilet Paper.