White Acres offers a whole host of great accommodationideas set in to this beautifully landscaped park, So let’s go take a look This is the 3 bedroom extra wide caravan holidayhome with double glazing and central heating.

The living area is huge with lots of lovelysofas to spread out and relax on.

You’ve got all your mod cons as well, tv and dvdplayer, a cosy fire, and I just like the feel of this place, it’s dead stylish and contemporary.

There’s plenty of room in this kitchen witheverything you need to cook with – hob and oven, kettle, toaster, microwave and a hugefridge freezer.

Through here you have 2 twin rooms and a doublebedroom, bathroom with a shower and a 2nd loo as well.

And you’ve even got a lockabletackle box outside.

And of course, one of the best things abouthaving a holiday home here at White Acres is a view like that.

I love these holiday homes, they’re so cosy.

But if it’s a lakeside view you’re after, let’s go check out the lovely lodges.

The lodges are set in beautiful picturesqueparts of the park, just near the lakes.

Let’s go take a look inside This is the Penrose lodge by the lakes, it’sgot double glazing and central heating, and 2 bedrooms.

Nice welcoming living area with lots of roomto spread out.

You’ve got your tv and dvd player to keep you entertained as well.

Since you are on a self-catering holiday,this is the fully fitted kitchen with everything you need to cook with; oven and hob, microwave,fridge with a separate freezer and for your laundry needs, a washing machine, iron andironing board.

Through here is the twin room which is perfectfor the kids.

You’ve got 2 good size beds, wardrobes and a tele to keep them entertained.

Next door is the master bedroom.

A good size double room with plenty of wardrobe space.

A tv for your lazy lay ins as well – I just really like the whole vibe of this place,dead rustic and natural, I could settle in here easily.

This lodge even has a bath, and you’ve gota separate toilet next door… And plenty of room to dine in the evenings,or if you want, you can eat on the veranda.

And for something extra special, book a stayin one of our contemporary lodges I tell ya, you could spend a few hours exploringyour contemporary lodge when you arrive.

Talking of exploring, I’ll get settled in here andthen I’m going to check out the rest of this fantastic park.